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The BEST gear at the INCREDIBLE prices

Matanah AVL can get you into the best of the best gear. 

We help PLAN DESIGN BUILD any audio or lighting system!

AUDIO Systems

Matanah can help you design a state of the art audio system. We have access into name brands for audio PA, microphone systems, consoles, and so much more!

We can even help take a look over your system to see what can be improved for better organized.


Need help with reposition lights for your stage? Need a full lighting system with relays or dimmers? Need help with a patch sheet or have a console issue?

Matanah can help you get broadcast level of lighting standards, help set up a console, to any needs you might have with your lighting system.

New Church or Venue Support

Are you a small emerging church or venue needing gear?

Do you need help knowing where to start or what to get? 

Matanah is here to assist you in all areas to get up and going. We can do full plans, help build a team, give solutions to logistics, what ever you need, Matanah can help

Are you ready to begin your project?

Enter the form and Matanah will reach out to you in a timely matter

THANK YOU! We will reach out to you soon!

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