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Matanah (MAA-Taa-Naa) is Hebrew for "Gift"

Matanah AVL is here to be a gift to everyone who needs help with live production and event management. We are committed in giving to high end production help for any event, personal one on one coaching for people who want to get involved with AVL, or help getting the correct set up for an installation or event.


With fifteen plus years of hands on live show production, Matanah AVL is here to help.



Aaron has worked in the production field since the age of ten which is where he found out he had talent.  At the age of 18 Aaron started working within the AVL professionally which he married his talent and passion. 

After that realization, he went to school at Scottsdale Community College and has been involved hands on with productions ever since.

As of May 2022, is being sponsored by Witte Lighting Services and Repair. Currently getting certified with all Vari-Lite fixtures and Consoles. 

Training Coaching Mentoring

Matanah AVL is here to help get you, your team, or anyone that wants to get involved with AV. With well over a decade and a half of time behind consoles, show sets ups, live show manager, and so much more; Aaron is wanting to share his knowledge with everyone. 

Trainings can be 1 on 1 or group settings.  This is anything from console set ups, how lighting works, how to do an audio system set up, and so much more! This is the training that you or your team needs to make the best high quality and professional!

Coaching is for those who would like more of personalize trainings and help. These are people who want more than the basic training and will get a personalized session with Aaron. 



When it's come to the event or live show, design is everything. From here the stage layout, to where lighting and audio are placed, to where the people are going to sit or stand during the show, and so much more. 

Aaron can help you design your next show to make it look, feel and flow the best way possible. 

Every event deserves to be beautiful, elegant, be an amazing environment


Want to know what you show will look like before hand?
Need help with getting people on board with your vision?
3D Drawings help bring the vision to be tangible. Aaron can help build out beautiful 3D drawings that extremely useful in making sure that every detail for each event is perfect.

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